• Easter business casual (sky blue)
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  • Peach coralish & black
  • Spring gold vs. silver

  • Plaid Fad
  • Because she's fancy
  • To bright for night
  • Fancy green

  • {never lose hope}
  • a day at the mall.
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  • #GetTheLook - mustard, gold, and black lace
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  • sneaks
  • chunky sweater
  • fall is back.
  • 4/29/16
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  • Blue Floral Skirt
  • Owl Sweater
  • Gorgeous Maxi Dress
  • Maroon Blazer
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  • Cam finished up his painting quickly after he began to smell supper cooking. "How's my favorite painter? Oh, you've got paint all over you!"~"Ah, come here my love and give me a big hug!"
  • Destiny greeted Cam home from work with a sly smile. “Oh, my dear, sweet husband…How much do you love me?”~”Uh oh! What do you need done?”~”Painting?”~”Alright my dear, sweet, shamelessly manipulative wife whom I love very much”
  • The next room to be finished in Camden and Destiny's new home was the entryway. Destiny was really enjoying the decorating process, much to her surprise!
  • "You know, that's probably the most romantic thing I've ever been told. You've got a gift there, Cam!"~"Ah, thanks. And you've got quite a gift for cooking. You're banana pie was the easiest thing I ever had to swallow!"~"Oh Cam...I love you"

  • 5.4.16 { spring look }
  • Spring look -- 4.28.16
  • Classy woman -- 1.21.16
  • Winter Sunday morning -- 1.13.16

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  • 9-11
  • Memorials
  • Thank you to our female soldiers
  • World War II
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  • Floral scarf, and brown booties.
  • Winter casual... And my face!
  • "I don't see how that's a party"
  • White shirt, and gold shoes.